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Gas Advanced Services Newsletter 10-01-12

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Gas Interlock Systems, Gas Ventillation, Gas Services by Gas Advanced Services

All new Commercial Catering Kitchen Installations have to be installed with a Interlock System. All older Commercial Kitchens should be upgraded with an Interlock System be keep within current regulations. Our Interlock System Installations aren’t always as expensive as you would first expect. 

Gas Interlock Systems are complex but important to your catering Business. When dealing with Gas Interlock Systems, you have to think about ventilation, air supply and many other important things.

Gas Advanced Services take all the headace out of Gas Interlock Systems by handling complete gas installation, gas servicing, gas ventilation and local Gas Legislation making sure your installation is Safe and in compliance.

All our Gas Interlock Systems come with a free Gas Safety Report to give you extra peice of mind.

Contact Gas Advanced Services to get your Gas Interlock System installed by a Gas Safe professional Engineer.